Truck & railcar loading

Product overview

Loading arms.

Top loading arms.

We deliver a wide range of standard loading arms, up to 6″, in CS and SS, but also tailor made solutions for our customers specific applications.

Bottom loading arms.

Many different configurations are available with all the common couplings.

Automatic loading arms.

We offer two types of automatic loading arms. The first type is fully operatable by the operator from the control room. This type we call semi automatic. The other type, is fully automatic. This loading arm works with camera’s and laser to automatically find its way to the selected manhole of the truck. In both cases no operator has to be on the loading platform during the loading process.

Folding stairs.

Standard folding stairs.

Our standard folding stairs are available from 3 steps to 6 steps.

Wide folding stairs.

We can design the width of the folding stairs to the specific application of our customers.

Sliding folding stairs.

The foldings stairs can be mounted with a roller system to a sliding frame. This enables the operator to slide the foldings stairs in the desired position, exactly in front of the selected manhole.

Safety cages.

Standard safety cages.

Standard Aluminum safety cages come in the sizes 1400×1400 mm and 1400×2800 mm and can be mounted to our folding stairs.

Large safety cages.

We can customize the dimensions of the safety cages and include sliding gates for optimum protection against falling.

Elevating platforms

With this system you create 100% protection against falling for your operators. The platform can be lowered, just above the truck or railcar.

The operator is surrounded by a railing and can walk arround on the closed floor.

Above the selected manhole, the operator can open a few of the flip-up floorpanels to gain access to the manhole area.

After finishing the loading process, the platform can be lifted back into its parking position, simply by pushing the up button on the control panel that is located on the loading platform.

Loading platforms.

We design and deliver complete loading platforms, including access stairs, folding stairs with safety cage and loading arms.

Loading platforms come in various configurations and dimensions.


When required we can add a canopy for rain protection when this is required.

We supply fully equipped loading platforms, with all the equipment for loading, fall protection, grounding monitoring and flow metering.