Marine loading

Product overview

Hose Tower.

A hose tower is used to support (multiple) hoses from the jetty to (oil) tankers for loading and unloading. Because a hose tower contains multiple hoses it can be used for (un)loading different products (simultaneously).

The number of hoses can be adjusted to meet the demands of the clients. A hose tower is a flexible solution for handling hoses. Hoses can be crossed over eachother when connected to the ship.

Via a radio remote control unit the operation of the hose tower can easily be done from any position on the jetty, the hose tower or from the ship.

Single hose loading arms.

A very easy way to conect a hose to a ship. The sliding beam brings the end of the hose to the connection flange on the ship. The winches can be used to adjust the height.

Various options and dimensions are available to fit each situation. A rotating top can be included and the operation can be done via a fixed control panel or a remote control.

Suitable for a variaty of hosetypes.

Hose reels.

Hosereels can be used to easily connect a hose to the ship for vapour return or N2 supply etc. They come in various sizes.

Marine loading arms.

Let us assist you in selecting the optimum MLA for your marine loading projects.

Sizes up to 20″.